Lotus Hub

Lotus Hub Company Limited is a social enterprise, a subsidiary  of Lotus Impact Group. Our partners, USAID PACE and Villgro, seek to promote social enterprises at scale in Vietnam. We identify impact investing opportunities in agriculture and food related value chains that present a clear value proposition in dignified work, gender equality and non-extractive economics by providing acceleration services and placing investment capital into high potential early stage social enterprises.

In Vietnam, the social enterprise model is still in its infancy stage. Accordingly, we aim at supporting social enterprises to grow quickly to be investment ready for follow-on funding US$500,000 to US$3,000,000. Lotus Hub adopts  the best practices and know how from Villgro and together with Vietnamese entrepreneurs, adapt these into the context of the local market.  We also understand one of the key areas to help social enterprises in Vietnam is in operations management. The Lotus Hub team is comprised of mentors and coaches possessing various skills such as market development, financial management, operations and fundraising. We tailor the action plan for each participating enterprise every 90 days to address company risks in order to achieve operational, social and financial targets. Through this high touch approach, we aim to help the local entrepreneur achieve a level of success with scalable, transformative impact. 



"We chose to work with Lotus because their vision and goals are aligned with ours in terms of social impact, return on investment and ethical practice."

 - Jimmy Pham, Founder, KOTO 

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