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 What We Do 

Technical Assistance 


Lotus works with ecosystem partners to identify resources and ideas that enable impact solutions.  Much of this work entails a deep understanding of the intersectionality of systems that limit the potential of entrepreneurs, organizations and movements. Lotus has partnered with NGOs/non-profits, governments entities and impact campaigns to unlock and advance systems change. 

[ Strategic Planning & Trainings / Feasibility Studies / Program Design / Program Management ]

Example: In partnership with Sông CDC in New Orleans, Lotus has helped the organization to develop a strategic plan that centers racial equity and environmental justice at the core of its community development work. The organization has redesigned its organizational structure to lift up local leadership within a co-leadership model as well as a series of community informed strategic planning workshops to include BIPOC environmental justice voices from across the Gulf Coast Region. 

Seed Stage and Incubation


Lotus Impact works closely with entrepreneurs and seed stage social enterprises to provide seed round investment and/or incubation support. Support areas range from business plan creation, developing reliable financial projections, designing and prototyping products or services and going to market and fundraising. At all stages, Lotus Impact intentionally considers the social impact of the company alongside its prospects for a financial return. 

[ Funding / Partner Network / Talent Recruiting / Series A Syndication ]

Example: Lotus has worked in the agriculture sector in Vietnam, identifying food distributors to scale-up operations through basic technology upgrades such as cold storage. Moreover, we have applied our gender lens investing approach that brings together cultural anthropology, fintech and community organizing methods. 

[ Business Plan Creation / Financial Projections / Design and Prototyping / Go to Market and Funding ]

Example: Lotus has conducted in-depth field and market research in the Issan region of Thailand, identifying high impact value propositions in the tourism sector. We have looked at small scale AirBnB opportunities that provide local homeowners to employ and train local tour operators for a growing industry.



As companies under Lotus’ umbrella grow, we continue to support them in raising additional funding including Series B rounds and connecting key management with talent resources in our extensive partner network.  Lotus Impact actively plays a role in the strategy execution to ensure companies create ongoing value.

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